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Implementing continuation passing style

I have recently been struggling to implement transformation of Common Lisp source code to continuation passing style (CPS) in my owlisp compiler. I’m not yet done with that, but after hours of racking my brains, it’s finally on a good way as it seems 😉 . The

Bodol language

I recently stumbled upon a very nice video showing Bodil Stokke talking about her development of the Lisp-like language Bodol, using Clojure. I really like the features that she is incorporating into that language. To a great extent, these are also the features that I would like

Evaluation environment

I am currently working on the evaluation environment for the owlisp compiler. It is essential for a compiler/interpreter (at least when targeting languages that support mutable state) to support this feature in order to keep track of variable bindings that are in effect at one point or another.