Parrot VM Archive

owlisp does now compile to SECD virtual machine code

owlisp now has an internal SECD virtual machine and compiles expressions to byte-code that this VM understands (see README). I have implemented a VM because I think it might be a nice abstraction layer between the Lisp code and the resulting LLVM-IR and/or Parrot VM IR. It

Evaluation environment

I am currently working on the evaluation environment for the owlisp compiler. It is essential for a compiler/interpreter (at least when targeting languages that support mutable state) to support this feature in order to keep track of variable bindings that are in effect at one point or another.

Start with Parrot VM?

Sorry for not advancing on this project during the past two months, but I unexpectedly got involved into an entire recruitment process for a job at Google, so that is what I have been spending thoughts and time on recently. Anyway, since I can now invest time

Common Lisp LLVM Frontend

I am currently working on a Common Lisp compiler frontend for LLVM. It is still in its beginning, but as soon as it can do anything useful, I will publish it on github. Does any interest about this topic exist out there? Some more details: Technically, I