Machine Learning API

I’m currently working on a Machine Learning API (I call it “runemel”). Have a first glance at it on

The idea is to create an API that allows people to upload their trained ML models, so other people can use these via the runemel API.

Think “Open Source for ML”, “github for ML” or “PaaS for ML”.

I’m trying to bridge a gap between those highly educated ML experts and those people that realize the benefit of ML but can’t or don’t want to learn everything about it (including how to train a model). The API I’m building allows experts to offer their trained models to the public and the public can then invoke those models without having to know anything about ML algorithms and stuff like that.

Example Model: Recognize handwritten digits

There is currently one model that the API provides: MNIST (of course 😉 ). For demonstration purposes, I’ve built a simple page that lets you draw digits in your browser that the API will then try to recognize:

For now you have to use your browser’s Inspector if you want to examine the API call being made. However, I plan to make it directly visible on that page.

The upload functionality is not yet complete, but I’m working on it.

A little disclaimer for now:
The first request might be awfully slow. This is due to the fact that the API is being hosted on a free Heroku dyno. That means it shuts down after idling and so your first request might have to wait for the API application to get started.

Tell me what you think

It’d be great to receive your feedback regarding what you think about this project!
Either leave a comment here or write to info at runemel dot com.