First working version of owlisp!

Hi out there!

I am very pleased to announce the first working version of owlisp.

By “working” I mean that this is the first version of owlisp that understands some (actually very little) Common Lisp and translates it to a native binary. So it is the first version that is vertically (= from source code all the way down to native binaries) complete, although very slim.

To compile a file, you basically do something like

$ owlisp mysourcefile.lisp

which results in a native binary.

For more details, please have a look at the README on

I also tried to simplify the build process for the owlisp compiler itself.

Given, you have all dependencies available (again: see the README), it is basically doing nothing more than

$ make install


The only language features that owlisp currently understands are constants, references to local variables, abstractions (i.e. lambdas) and applications (= calling lambdas).

However, now that I have a vertically functional implementation, I will focus on making this very slim compiler broader by integrating more and more language features.