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Written & published my first ebook

I’ve recently published my first ebook (yeah!). I’ve put quite some effort into it for about half a year or so – including periods in which I’ve not worked too much on it. However, it really took some work to get this book ready ready and it felt awesome when I

Java Lambdas

This shall be a brief overview over Java Lambdas. I will try to make a comparison to anonymous functions concepts how they are being used in other languages. As a comparison language, I choose Scala, since it is statically typed (just like Java is). However, Scala provides type inference, which

Tail Recursive Tree Traversal

Once in a while you may be facing the situation that requires you to walk a tree, do some kind of processing on each node and collect a result (or do other things). In case the tree is arbitrarily large and also arbitrarily branched, you have generally two options (as