We do not store any kind of personal data of yours during your visit on this website. Please continue reading for more details.

Web analysis/tracking

This website does not make use of any web analysis or tracking tools (e.g. Google Analytics or Piwik).


This website does not make use of cookies.

Social plug-ins

This website does not make use of third party social plug-ins.

The social buttons in the upper right hand corner of this site are no social plug-ins. Instead they are plain hyperlinks (HTML ‘a’ tags) that don’t automatically convey any information to the corresponding social networks during your visit on this site.

Hyperlinks to third party sites

This website makes use of hyperlinks, some of them pointing to third part websites (e.g. the social buttons mentioned before). When clicking on such a hyperlink, it will navigate your browser to the corresponding target website. This action might convey the so called “Referrer URL” to the target website, which means that the target website might get aware of that you’ve visited them originating from this website ( This is an information your browser usually sends automatically to any target website when clicking on hyperlinks in general. In particular, it is not a functionality of this website ( and as such, nothing we can influence.


When visiting this website, the technological services responsible for running this website will automatically gather and store information in so called “server logfiles”. This information is being sent to the server by your browser implicitly and automatically. In detail this information contains:

  • type and version of your web browser software
  • type and version of your device’s operating system
  • referring URL
  • time of the request
  • IP address of your internet connection at the time of the request

The IP address is being anonymized before it gets stored in the server logfiles (e.g. becomes

Thus, the information we store can not unambiguously be associated with an individual.

We do not merge this data with other data sources. We do not submit those logs to third parties.

We keep those logfiles for 7 days, solely for the purpose of being able to debug technical errors. Logfiles older than 7 days are deleted automatically.


This website is based on the blogging software “WordPress”.

We don’t use any WordPress Plugins that convey or send information to third parties.

The comment functionality is disabled for this WordPress instance. This means visitors cannot comment posts on this page which in turn means no comment related data is being stored.


Although we don’t store any personal data of yours, we are obliged to point out the following:

According to the Federal Data Protection Act, you have a right to free-of-charge information about your stored data, and possibly entitlement to correction, blocking or deletion of such data. Inquiries can be directed to the following e-mail address: