Need someone to work for you as a Software Developer and/or DevOp? This is just the right page. Just read on:

Bio and Skills

  • >25 years of experience in Software Development.
  • >5 years of experience in Clojure.
  • >15 years of experience in DevOps (Linux- & Unix-based).
  • I’ve worked successfully for several companies as DevOp & Coder (including in agile environments).
  • I’m now self-employed fulltime, striving to build great products.
  • Author of Programming Language Concepts.
  • Graduate of Coursera Machine Learning Course by Stanford University.
  • My diverse skill set covers entire applications vertically: Frontend, Middleware, Backend, Database plus underlying Infrastructure.
  • I’m constantly keeping up-to-date with evolving technologies. Not just for making profit, but because I’ve really been interested in this stuff since I was a kid. It’ll never let me go 😉 .


Some projects and products that I have recently (like 2016) implemented are for example:

I’ve also done some work other than coding:


Feel free to contact me if you’re okay with my following premises:

  • I prefer working for equity or profitsharing of some sort. Depending on the project and people involved, I might even like to become your partner, if that’s an option for you.
  • Second best is working for an hourly wage.
  • However, I won’t work for a fixed price per project.
  • If you’re building something new, I’d like to choose Clojure (+ Clojurescript, if it’s a web app) as programming language. It’s simply the most productive thing for me and results in the cleanest (= most maintainable) code.

Interested or want to know more? Write to hire (at) lambda-startup (dot) com .