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What is clean code?

I thought I’d write a little post about what I’ve learned over the years regarding some characteristics of clean code. “Clean” here refers to features that help code being bugfree, or rather “less attracted to bugs” maintainable reusable I think these are the three major aspects developers should ultimately strive for when writing

Long time, no see…

..but I am still here 😉 . However, as some of you might have noticed, I’ve not been working much on owlisp recently. Main reason for this is that in the past months I’ve been gathering all my courage to quit my day job and start living

Bodol language

I recently stumbled upon a very nice video showing Bodil Stokke talking about her development of the Lisp-like language Bodol, using Clojure. I really like the features that she is incorporating into that language. To a great extent, these are also the features that I would like